Ensure you thoroughly read our treatment post and pre care instructions below. It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your health history or medications since your last appointment as any changes could implicate the results of your treatment.


  • • Discontinue use of depilatories or waxing or any products or treatments that may irritate the skin for 1-2 weeks prior to your treatment.
  • • Discontinue sun exposure or use of tanning booths at least 14 days prior to your treatment (we recommend this practice is discontinued altogether).
  • • Discontinue use of any topical retinoids for at least 3-5 days prior to your treatment. This may include: tretinoin, Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuo, Ziana).
  • • History of herpes or cold sores may require an anti-viral prescription prior to treatment.
  • • Some medications or supplements may increase sensitivity. Consult your physician.
  • • Please avoid any laser or electrolysis treatments (of any kind) at least 7 days prior to your treatment; unless otherwise recommended by your aesthetician.




• Your skin may have a slight rosy glow for approximately 24-48 hours. It may also have a “wind-burn” sensation if your skin is extremely sensitive. This can be more common in the colder/dryer months and gentle/calming products may be necessary to help with the sensation.

• Please use all gentle and benign products for the next 3-5 days after your treatment or until you feel as though you are no longer sensitive to your home care products.

• Cleanse and moisturise your skin twice daily along with any recommended home care products.

• It is recommended that other topical, over-the-counter medications or alpha hydroxy acids not be applied to the skin 1-2 days post procedure, as they may cause irritation.

• Discontinue use of any topical retinoids for at least 3 days after to your treatment or longer based on your sensitivity. This may include: tretinoin, Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuo, Ziana).

• Avoid direct sun exposure for 1-2 days after your treatment.

• Use a sunscreen every day that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, preferably one containing a SPF of 30 or higher (we recommend wearing a sunscreen everyday).

• Do not go tanning for at least 2 weeks post-procedure. This practice should be discontinued due to the increased risk of skin cancer and signs of aging.

• DO NOT pick or pull any loosening or peeling skin. This could potentially cause scaring or Hyperpigmentation.

• Do not have electrolysis, facial waxing and/or depilatories for approximately 1-2 weeks.



30-45 mins $129


Includes: Double deep cleanse | Exfoliation | LED Light Therapy custom to your skin concerns | Massage | Hydrator + SPF


Customised to your unique skin concerns, our LED treatments use the industry leading, Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods registered MediLUX device for 5 wavelengths of power packed, medical grade light therapy. LED light therapy enhances your body’s natural cellular recovery, improving healing, relieving pain, subsiding active acne and promoting skin rejuvenation.


Acne Management
LED acne management targets acne-prone areas to reduce and prevent acne-causing bacteria, active breakouts and inflammation for a clearer, brighter complexion. Fine lines and wrinkles


Age Management
LED age management stimulates collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of superficial wrinkles, neck lines, and other signs of ageing.


Skin Tone Correction
LED pigmentation correction effectively fades and removes age spots, sunspots and discolouration to improve overall skin tone, balance and radiance.


Redness Reduction
LED redness reduction soothes and detoxifies the skin, reducing rosacea, skin redness and irritation.


Dermal Repair
LED dermal repair penetrates the subcutaneous layer of the skin, stimulating blood flow and reducing skin and tissue inflammation by speeding up healing.


  • • Discoid Lupus

• Anti-arthritic medication

• Epilepsy

• Photosensitive disorders

• Contagious diseases (Impetigo, Scabies, Chicken Pox)

• Isotretinoin - LED treatments can only be provided if the medication has not been taken within the last six months.

• Pregnancy

• St John’s Wort or other herbal remedies

• Statins (atorvastatin, fluvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin, simvastatin).

• Anti-Arrhythmic drugs

• Light-induced migraines

• EGFR inhibitors



30-45 mins $140


Includes: Cleanse & exfoliate | BT-Micro extractions | OxyGeneo exfoliation, oxygenating and absorption of products | Custom Mask | Moisturiser + SPF


Using the OxyPod with Geneo device and Primer Gel achieves 3 benefits that Oxygeneo offers: exfoliation, oxygenation and nourishment.


These already ensure immediately visible results that are then further enhanced by the Geneo Serum, a complementary part of the Geneo treatment kit.


This serum is uniquely formulated to complete the benefits achieved with the OxyPod by providing nutrition to the skin via a synergistic combination of active ingredients.


Geneo treatment kits are offered in 3 variations depending on your skin concerns:

1. Oxybalance Charcoal facial for purifying and balancing oily skin and improving its texture and appearance,

2. Neo Revive Eco is a Red Algae facial for the revitalisation of dull skin and reduction of fine lines,

3. Neo Bright Eco is a Vitamin C facial targeting skin tone, improving pigmentation and for skin rejuvenation.


Visible results from your very first treatment

  • Oxygenation generated from within
  • Exfoliated, smoothed skin
  • Optimal absorption of products for targeted concerns such as age management, sun damage and acne prones skin.
  • Overall refinement in skin tone and texture
  • Minimal redness and/or irritation and no downtime.

All Skin Types

• Safe on pregnant or breastfeeding women




45 mins $150

60 mins $200 - Medilux LED Light Therapy



Includes: Deep cleanse | | Enzyme Peel | Optional extractions | Custom LED Light Therapy | Mask | Serum & SPF


O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning Peels use natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) to encourage desquamation and promote skin renewal through new cell growth. They are beneficial for problematic skin, oily, pigmented and aging skin.


These peels provide an immediate improvement with minimum to no downtime. They deliver a blend of nourishing and stimulating ingredients that include antioxidants and calming properties. They are safe for most skin types and conditions, making them perfect for your first appointment.

The ideal entry level peel for even the most sensitive of skins to renew and boost hydration. Pomegranate enzymes effectively lift and digest redundant cells while Peel Peel moist, Multifruit BSC, Lactic Acid and Jojoba esters hydrate, moisturise, repair and reduce inflammation.


A gentle yet effective enzyme peel for all skins especially for sun damage and age correction. A perfect formulation of 30% Pumpkin enzymes, pumpkin extract and natural fruit acids combined with the moisturising benefits of Jojoba. It effectively eliminates redundant cells revealing fresher, smoother skin.

• Those currently on Roaccutane or has been within the past 12 months,

• LED light therapy can be substituted from the treatment if any contraindications present e.g. pregnant or breastfeeding